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Omnia Education, Inc., has a core focus on women's health and the ways in which diseases and conditions impact the female patient. That unique focus on the female patient has transformed the CME learning environment for healthcare professionals nationwide. We impact thousands of clinicians annually, many of whom return each year for clinical updates and connectivity with regional peers.

Our leading position in women's health education is evidence of our ability to help learners recognize and overcome barriers to optimal performance and optimal patient outcomes. The Omnia Education CME program focuses on effectively diagnosing, treating, and managing the female patient within the scopes of obstetrics/gynecology, urology, cardiology, endocrinology and internal medicine, bone health, oncology, infertility and genetics, infectious disease, mental health and CNS disorders, primary care and family medicine, and more.

Ultimately, we seek to improve clinician knowledge, awareness, attitudes, competencies, and performance in practice.

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Prova Education, designs educational programs based on evidence-based medicine, needs and gaps analyses, learner feedback, and more. Our mission is to serve as an innovative and relevant resource for clinical content and educational interventions across a broad spectrum of specialties.

One key focus area is guidelines -- recognizing, adopting, adhering to, and assessing the impact on patients of treating to guideline using recognized standards of care. A second key focus area is oncology, where we provide a spectrum of medical expertise on ever-evolving therapy options for a variety of tumors.

Prova Education's CME program creates change in practice and patient outcomes on issues of relevance in primary care, oncology, pediatrics, pain management, vaccine strategies, cardiology, urology, and many more. And our unique educational formats allow us to stand out: virtual patients, text messaging programs, bar-coded outcomes assessments, global CME, and more.

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The Omnia-Prova Education Collaborative, Inc., (TOPEC) is an independent medical education provider. Accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) since 1997, we are experts at developing, delivering, and measuring CME across a broad spectrum of diseases and clinical conditions. Our mission is to assist physicians in their pursuit of continuous professional development through an array of integrated, lifelong learning opportunities that lead to improvements in competence, performance, and patient outcomes.

When our activities conclude, our learners act as change agents in their practice settings and they impact the systems in which they function. This has been the guiding focus of TOPEC's education since the company's founding. Through advanced educational designs, adaptive technologies, and collaborative partnerships, we infuse our education with:

  • State-of-the-art training techniques
  • Hands-on and live patient practice opportunities
  • Small-group workshop learning
  • Active learner feedback that informs the group
  • Real-time reporting of learning progress
  • TouchPoint Education® progressive learning
  • Expert commentary on group cases
  • PI CME curricula and learning-library resources
  • Point-of-care learning tools
  • Patient and provider education tools

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ReachMD is the nation’s largest learning platform for physicians and other healthcare professionals. We are passionate about healthcare education and delivering the absolute best learning experience. Our ethos is to help our learners stay current, and that’s why we developed a broadcast network that delivers award-winning content any time, any place, and on any device. The ReachMD medical broadcast network is accessible anywhere you are - online, on mobile, and on air.

ReachMD’s peer-to-peer content is the trusted source for certified education, editorial content, and industry-related features. Programs are consumed in short, easy-to-absorb formats.

We make it easy to find our 24/7 streaming content and podcast library:

    • ReachMD
    • iHeartRadio
    • Tunein
    • iTunes

    Mobile Apps
    • ReachMD
    • iHeartRadio
    • Tunein

    • Connect a smart phone to the car audio system and listen through the mobile apps of ReachMD, iHeartRadio, or Tunein
    • Locate the ReachMD station in automobile dashboards that integrate iHeartRadio and Tunein

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Connect Healthcare Communications provides strategies and solutions to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostic, device, and consumer companies to advance the knowledge of stakeholders in women's health.

Our experienced teams understand all stages of the product life cycle, from pre-launch and growth phases through maturity and decline. With a structured focus on the female patient and the stakeholders in women's health, we bring solutions that advance clinical knowledge through a variety of tools - including education, strategy, marketing, research, and training.

As strategic partners to our clients, Connect Healthcare Communications employs a consultative approach to developing integrated service solutions, including:

  • Strategic marketing and planning consultation
  • Market research, design, collection and analysis
  • New product development and product line extensions
  • Advisory and advocacy development and management

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Winding River Productions, is a national audiovisual and multimedia company that specializes in medical meeting services. Our mission is to provide comprehensive solutions to engage your target audience and enhance the learning experience. We deliver unsurpassed value and quality of service through experienced professionals who provide creative solutions that exceed your expectations. From slide and video editing and preparation to staging and room diagramming, you can rely on Winding River Productions for flawless production services—freeing you to focus on implementation of education .

We put a premium on your relationships with speakers and faculty because we understand the CME and medical communications industries. With more than ten years experience, our production specialists can be trusted for complete confidentiality and professionalism. We pair our expert attention to detail in audio, video, lighting and editing with creative thinking. The result? A solution tailored to your needs that exceed expectations.

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